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The Stolberd Janik Bernard offers the services in the range of: stairs, entrance, interior doors, banisters, roofings, skirting boards, window sills, etc.

The production technology based on wooden compound gluing what adds the goods neat appearance and prevents depletion, deformity of the ready elements. We use dried wood, quality glues, varnishes complaint with qualitative norms.

STAIRS- our business card

They make up of fundamental element which is home decoration. The stairs’ external experience influences not only structural solution but also selection of material, colour and many others details like handrails, posts, steps shape and their section. We do easy, winding, full, covered wooden stairs made from natural, national ash, oak, pine, beech wood. We personally do banisters, wooden posts. At the request of customer we combine wood with stainless steel. 


ENTRANCE DOORS- trump of company

They drift away from mass, single production, because evenly matched to building character are their undoubtedly decoration. They play also an important part in security. The distinguishing marks are aesthetics, durability, easily by keeping. They possess aluminium doorstep, which determines the security against the weather conditions. The lock is automatic shuted with three levels, burglar fittings and pane, variable hinge, two gaskets, stained-glass window. We offer classical and modern models.


INTERIOR DOORS- proud of company

They are decorative home, flat element. We create their according to individual demands, expectations of customers, what allow to match the doors to each interiors. We use the rich gamut of colours, patterns, trims and glasses. The customers freelance we do frames, variable mutual patches and hinges.



We offer also different services in the range of joinery according to individual customers needs i.a. beds, furniture, balconies, tops, buildings, barriers.